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Root Block was founded by 4 Friends, Mr.Blest, Draiwa, Mykal & Lionpaw, in Biel/Bienne switzerland.

Jamaican music has already been in our life for years when we decided to found the Root Block Soundsystem in 2007


From the beginning Kulu, a friend and well respected selecta teached  and guided our first steps into the reggae scene.

This was the point when we started to build up our Vinyl music-box.

We traveled from Vinyl Shop to Vinyl Shop and collected more and more 45’s & Lp’s.

After One Year we entered the reggae scene step by step and made new Links & Connections all over Switzerland.


In December 2008 was our first official gig in La Chaux des Fonds in the Venue Bikini Test, alongside the legend, Asher Selector.


March 2009 is the date, when we promoted our first Party which took place at the Hirschensaal in Biel-Bienne Switzerland.

This has been the start of our own regular Party which was called „Can’t Stop The Fire“.

During this year, bookings became more and more regularly in different clubs and cities.

Finally we got the chance to play for the very first time at the mighty Coupole in Biel.

Also we moved our  beloved practise room to a bigger location at that time.

There we’ve built up our new Root Block Yard.


In 2010 we startet to promote our own Partys & Concerts at the Coupole in Biel and a lot of „Can’t Stop the Fire“ partys & Concerts had been following over the years after this first party in 2009.


To mention some of artists who we worked together, there had been: T.O.K, Anthony B, Million Stylez, Baby Cham, Konshens, Busy Signal, Romain Virgo, Michael Rose, Pressure, Protoje, Perfect, Kabaka Pyramid, Raging Fyah, Raggasonic, Gappy Ranks, Marcia Griffiths, Chris Martin, Cookie The Herbalist, Phenomden, Elijah, Da Professor, Inner Circle and off course our two Breddas from longtime Cali P & Randy Valentine.

We also played alonsgide Sounds like: David Rodigan, Supersonic, Irie Crew, Jugglerz, Chiqui Dubs, Silly Walks, Coppershot, Massve B, Black Chiney, Bass Odyssey, Caveman, Soul Rebel, Straight Sound, Biomassa, One Aim, Ever Living Spirit, Classilisque, Doubletrouble & Lion Powa.


In 2011 we released our first official Reggae Mixtape called: Thanks & Praise, which gave us a good feedback all over Switzerland.

We also played for the first time at the Lakesplash Festival in Twann CH

The name Root Block continued to grow more and more.


In 2012 we pushed the Can’t stop the fire series to another level with Bookings with Massive B, Coppershot and other big Sounds, plus we had a historical sold out at our last Minute Concert with Cali P.


In 2013 we got a booking from the big bad Jugglerz Sound which gave us the chance to play abroad in germany for the very first time.


In 2014 We builded our own Recording Studio at our Root Block Yard (Root Block Records) in Biel, where allready a lot of dub sessions have been keept now.

Pharao Monch, Cali P, T.O.K and more allready had passed through.


In the same Year, there was also a new Step in our Sound History.

We Played our first Sound-Clash ever in Olten, Switzerland.

We definetly love the Clash thing, and that’s why we’re looking forward to Clash more often in the future.


End 2014 / early 2015 we travelled to Jamaica to explore the Island of our beloved Music and Culture.

Through all the Contacts we builded over the Years, we’ve known a lot of people from The Reggae Business.That gave us the Opportunity to play at several Partys, Radio Stations plus we played at Jamaicas most famous morning tv Show call Smile Jamaica.

The expirience was unforgettable and we’re so thankfull for all of that!


We are still active like Crazy.

Promoting Partys/Concerts each Month.

Playing at Partys all over.

12Mixtapes are out till now...more to come.

We’re not tired at all and thats why we keep on trodding on and on and on.


Reggae is not just Music, it’s a Lifestyle.


Root Block


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